The Camping Bahía Santa Polais located in an exceptional spot, just opposite the Nature
Reserve of saltmarshes of Santa Pola (including the Salt Museum), where excursions and walks
can be undertaken as well as you can enjoy the most gorgeous sunsets.
Santa Polais a fishing village replete with extensive beaches where you can enjoy the sun and
find coves for diving placed under the lighthouse of the Cape of Santa Pola.
A few miles off the sea we have the fabulous Island of Tabarca, declared marine reserve in
3 km away you can also find The Rio Safari and 12 km away there is the city of Elche, with its
three UNESCO World Heritage sites. Elche also has a hospital.
Santa Polaoffers a great gastronomic variety in fish and rice “calderos” as well as social and
cultural diversity.
In our beaches it is possible to enjoy different nautical sports as the kite surf or wind surf.


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Camping Bahía Santa Pola

Camping Bahía Santa Pola